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"The time for salvation has passed."

Real Name

Chiara is a playable character in Eternal Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

"I'm ruined...There will be no salvation for me..." - Chiara

Chiara was sent to a catholic church institution at birth. Every day, she was brainwashed with stories of the omnipotence of His Almighty.

When she was finally allowed to leave the compound, she ventured to seedy, sordid, and wretched places to preach, holding belief that God would protect her. She found herself in reprehensible situations, harshly realizing the cruel reality of life. A denial of God started growing in her mind, causing her disgust within.

She detests seeing beautiful and noble things because of her dissatisfaction with herself.

Abilities[edit | edit source]



Icon Stats Ability Description
Chiara T.png

Move. speed
Skill duration
6s (Stigma duration)
Casting time

When Chiara hits an enemy with a skill, she carves a Stigma into them, reducing their defense by 4/6/8%. Chiara can apply a maximum of 4 Stigmas to the same enemy. When the enemy reaches the maximum amount of Stigmas, Chiara's movement speed is increased for 6 seconds.

Hand of Corruption


Icon Stats Ability Description
Chiara Q.png

Skill damage
60/100/140/180/200 + AP 60%
Move. speed
Skill duration
5m (cone) / 12m (line)
50/60/70/80/90 SP

Chiara casts out corrupted energy in the targeted direction, dealing damage to all enemies it hits. Hold the skill down for 0.5 seconds to cast out the corrupted energy further and in a straight line. Using the skill short-ranged reduces its cooldown by 20%.

Depraved Prayer


Icon Stats Ability Description
Chiara W.png

Skill damage
100/140/180/220/260 + AP 60% (absorbed) / 80/120/160/200/240 + AP 60% (explosion)
Skill duration
5.5m (explosion)
50/60/70/80/90 SP

Chiara divines a shield, absorbing damage. The shield remains for 6 seconds. If the shield is not depleted after 3 seconds, she can reactivate the skill again, making it explode, dealing damage to enemies in range.



Icon Stats Ability Description
Chiara E.png

Skill damage
40/60/80/100/120 + AP 30% (if hit) / 70/110/150/190/230 + AP 70% (if rooted)
Skill duration
1.75s (link)
7m (Shackle max range: 8m)
Casting time
80 SP

Chiara sends out a shackle in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and linking them to Chiara. If the link is maintained for 1.75 seconds, she deals damage and roots the enemy for 1.5 seconds.


Attack/Buff (Ultimate)

Icon Stats Ability Description
Chiara R.png

Skill damage
25/35/45 + AP 15% per second
Skill duration
5.25m (auto-attack) / 6.5m (plague) / 8m (last judgement)
Casting time
0.5s (transforming) / 0.26s (end of plague)
100/120/140 SP
120/100/80 Seconds

Chiara channels the darkness inside of her, temporarily transforming into a fallen angel. While transformed, her normal attacks are ranged, her max HP is increased, and she Plagues the area around her. Enemies inside of the Plague receive damage every second, and Chiara recovers HP based on 10/20/30% damage dealt. While Plague is activated, she gains vision of all enemies that have the maximum amount of Stigmas, and she can cast Last Judgement.

Last Judgement

Attack (Ultimate)

Icon Stats Ability Description
Chiara R2.png

Skill damage
200/300/400 + AP 120%

Chiara can crash down upon an enemy with the maximum amount of Stigmas, dealing true damage and ending the Plague. Killing enemies with Last Judgement reduces the cooldown of Plague by 50%.

Weapons[edit | edit source]


Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chiara was the first character released on the Early Access launch of Eternal Return
  • Chiara's birthday is October 25th

Voice[edit | edit source]

English Korean
▶️ "The time for salvation has passed." ▶️ "난 더 이상 구원받지 못할 거야..."

First Move

English Korean
▶️ "Lord, why have you punished me so?" ▶️ "어째서 이런 가혹한 시련을 주시는 겁니까..."
▶️ "Please save my pitiful soul..." ▶️ "아아, 가련한 저를 구원해주소서..."
▶️ "Deliver me from evil." ▶️ "죄악에 물들지 않게 하시고..."

Specific Areas

English Korean
▶️ "Protect those who have fallen." ▶️ "낮은 곳으로 임하소서..."
▶️ "There are many lost sheep here..." ▶️ "길 잃은 어린양들이 많은 곳이구나..."
▶️ "Darkness surrounds me." ▶️ "으흐흐, 어둡구나..."
▶️ "I cannot stay here.. lest arrows be my punishment." ▶️ "아, 안돼... 여기 있으면 화살로 심판받게 될거야..."
▶️ "There are those who use bows to curse others." ▶️ "활과 화살로도 저주를 할 수 있다던데..."
▶️ "Be brave. Show yourself." ▶️ "교활하게 숨어있지 말고 나오란 말이야...!"
▶️ "Have they all found redemption?" ▶️ "모두 구원받았을까...?"
▶️ "I cannot die... yet." ▶️ "아직, 죽을 수는 없어..."
▶️ "I just want some rest.." ▶️ "안식을... 바라나이다..."
▶️ "Oh, no... not here.." ▶️ "아아... 안 돼... 여긴 안 돼..."
▶️ "I promised myself I'd never come back here." ▶️ "다시는 오지 않으려고 했는데..."
▶️ "I want to leave this place and never return." ▶️ "도망갈래, 도망가야 해..."
▶️ "Sinners once crowded these streets." ▶️ "죄인들이 많이 다니던 길이구나."
▶️ "Vestiges of corruption and greed." ▶️ "타락과 욕망의 흔적들이 보여..."
▶️ "How could a street full of life become.. deserted?" ▶️ "한 때는 번화했던 거리가 이렇게 황량해질 수 있구나...흐흐..."
▶️ "I despise the smell of metal." ▶️ "낡고 녹슨 냄새가 지독하구나..."
▶️ "Maybe there's somewhere to hide..." ▶️ "숨을 곳이 있을지도 몰라..."
▶️ "What was made here?" ▶️ "무엇을 만들던 곳이었을까..."
▶️ "He is all seeing, even if I hide among the trees." ▶️ "나무들 사이로 숨어도 그분은 찾아내실까..."
▶️ "I'm going to get lost when the sun sets." ▶️ "어두워지면 길을 잃겠지..."
▶️ "I almost forgot what grass smelled like.." ▶️ "풀 냄새... 오랜만이야..."
▶️ "Wait and wait, but boats will never come here." ▶️ "아무리 기다려도 배가 오지 않는 항구구나..."
▶️ "Will I find redemption if I leave this place?" ▶️ "이 곳을 나가면 구원받을 수 있을까..."
▶️ "Both my freedom and my redemption are far beyond the horizon." ▶️ "자유도, 구원도 저 멀리 닿지 않는 곳에 있구나..."
▶️ "I don't want to die yet." ▶️ "아직 죽고싶지 않아..."
▶️ "Can they also mend wounded souls here?" ▶️ "상처받은 영혼도 치료할 수 있다면..."
▶️ "Nothing in this hospital can wash the dirt off my hands now." ▶️ "더러워진 내 손도 소독하면 깨끗해질까..."
▶️ "It looks.. comfortable." ▶️ "안락해 보이네..."
▶️ "I no longer have the right to rest." ▶️ "내게 편히 쉴 자격은 없어..."
▶️ "I used to sleep so well at the convent." ▶️ "수녀원에서는 늘 편히 잠들었는데..."
▶️ "I belong in the dark abyss." ▶️ "심연에 비치는 내 모습이 가증스럽구나..."
▶️ "The face of a sinner reflects on the surface." ▶️ "죄인의 얼굴이 수면 위에 떠오르는 구나..."
▶️ "My sins cannot be cleansed with mere water..." ▶️ "맑은 물로도 씻을 수 없는 죄를 저지르고 말았어..."
▶️ "Was my faith destined to crumble like a sand castle under crashing waves?" ▶️ "내 믿음은 파도 앞에 모래성처럼 부서질 운명이었던걸까..."
▶️ "There is nowhere to hide here." ▶️ "여기는 내가 숨을 곳이 없어..."
▶️ "I've always wanted to come to the beach..." ▶️ "바다, 정말 보고 싶었는데..."
▶️ "I was so happy to learn His teachings." ▶️ "그분의 진리를 배울 때는 행복했어..."
▶️ "What would I have become if I'd gone to a normal school?" ▶️ "나도... 바깥에서 학교를 다녀볼 수 있었다면..."
▶️ "Normal life was not for me.." ▶️ "평범한 삶이라... 나에겐 어울리지 않아..."
▶️ "This temple smells.. unique." ▶️ "이상한 향기..."
▶️ "It's so quiet and calm." ▶️ "조용하고 편안한 곳이네..."
▶️ "So they'd preach of mercy here too..." ▶️ "이곳에서도 자비를 말하는구나..."
▶️ "All of these houses.. deserted..." ▶️ "모두 빈집이구나..."
▶️ "If I had a normal family.. would I have become such a sinner?" ▶️ "나도 평범한 집에 태어났더라면...죄를 저지르지 않을 수 있었을까...."
▶️ "Wealth and honor.. Both bound to disappear in the end.." ▶️ "부와 명예도 모두 덧없는 것..."


English Korean
▶️ "It's like the power of God..." ▶️ "마치 신의 권능 같군..."
▶️ "Do I even have anywhere to go?" ▶️ "내가 갈 곳이 있을까...?"

Restricted Areas

English Korean
▶️ "It's closing!" ▶️ "닫힌다, 닫힌다!"
▶️ "Let's get out of here!" ▶️ "어서 벗어나자, 흐흐..."
▶️ "I need to go!" ▶️ "나갈래, 나가야 해!"

English Korean
▶️ "Is this how I'm supposed to make this?" ▶️ "제대로 만든걸까...?"
▶️ "What was I trying to make?" ▶️ "뭘 만들려고 했었더라..."
▶️ "There's got to be something I can do with this..." ▶️ "이걸로도 할 수 있는 게 있겠지..."
▶️ "Everything is for my survival." ▶️ "어떻게든 살아남아야 하니까..."
▶️ "Thank you for gracing this upon me." ▶️ "제게 허락하신 은혜에 감사드립니다."
▶️ "Are you bestowing the right to pass judgement upon me?" ▶️ "저에게 심판의 자격을 주신 겁니까..."
▶️ "Ha ha ha, now I am the one to judge!" ▶️ "흐흐흐, 죄인들을 심판할 수 있겠구나..."
▶️ "Sinners will regret their transgressions!" ▶️ "죄인들은 후회하게 될 것이다..."
▶️ "Ah, it shines so brilliantly..." ▶️ "아아, 찬란하게 빛나는구나..."
▶️ "With your blessing, I will lead all to their salvation" ▶️ "당신이 주신 축복으로 모두를 파멸로 이끌겠습니다..."
▶️ "Everything is happening as he planned." ▶️ "아아, 모든 것은 당신의 뜻대로..."
▶️ "I will walk on any path that you lead me." ▶️ "이것이 제게 허락된 길이라면... 기꺼이 걸어가겠습니다."


English Korean
▶️ "Aren't you aware of your sins..?" ▶️ "자신의 죄는 잘 알겠지...?"
▶️ "Don't judge me!" ▶️ "그런 눈으로 보지마...!"


English Korean
▶️ "Die... die!" ▶️ "죽어, 죽어...!"
▶️ "I'm telling you to die...!" ▶️ "어서 죽어버리란 말이야...!"
▶️ "You..bastard!" ▶️ "이 더러운 자식...!"
▶️ "May death cleanse you of your sins!" ▶️ "죽음으로 죄악을 씻어내거라..."
▶️ "My hands are stained with blood." ▶️ "내 손이 피로 물들어가는구나..."
▶️ "Judgement!" ▶️ "심판이다! 심판! "
▶️ "Everyone, repent!" ▶️ "모두 죽어버려!"
▶️ "Ha... I couldn't help it..." ▶️ "흐흐흐... 어쩔 수 없었어...아마도?"
▶️ "Make it stop... somebody stop my sinful acts." ▶️ "끝내줘, 누군가 이 죄악을 멈춰줘...."
▶️ "(weird laugh)" ▶️ "으흐흐...흐흐...!"
▶️ "It's already too late.." ▶️ "이미 너무 늦어버렸어... 흐흐...흐흐흐..."
▶️ "Death awaits." ▶️ "아아, 나에게 남은 건 지옥뿐이겠구나..."
▶️ "I'll see you in hell." ▶️ "먼저 지옥에 가 있으렴..."
▶️ "Sin washes over me." ▶️ "이 죄악은 아무리 노력해도 지워지지 않을거야..."
▶️ "I have a spot waiting for me in the inferno." ▶️ "지옥 맨 밑바닥에 내 자리가 있겠구나..."
▶️ "You wouldn't understand." ▶️ "이해하지 못하겠지..."
▶️ "I'm sorry..." ▶️ "미안해..."
▶️ "I won't atone." ▶️ "속죄를 바라지는 않아..."


English Korean
▶️ "Sinners are recognized by sinners." ▶️ "죄지은 자만 걸릴 것이다..."
▶️ "This is my final judgement." ▶️ "그저 심판대일 뿐이야..."


English Korean
▶️ "May you allow this short break." ▶️ "잠깐의 휴식을 허락하소서..."

English Korean
▶️ "So much dust." ▶️ "먼지가 가득하구나..."
▶️ "I'll take anything." ▶️ "뭐라도 들어있기를..."
▶️ "It better not be empty!" ▶️ "아무것도 없으면 안되는데..."
▶️ "So this came from the heavens." ▶️ "하늘에서 내려왔구나..."
▶️ "Am I allowed to open it?" ▶️ "내가 열어봐도 되는 걸까..."
▶️ "Th...thanks." ▶️ "가, 감사합니다..."
▶️ "I'll find a use for this." ▶️ "어딘가에 쓸 곳이 있을 거야..."
▶️ "I'll say grace before I eat." ▶️ "일용할 양식으로 쓸 수 있기를..."
▶️ "So this is how the sea smells." ▶️ "이게 바다냄새구나..."
▶️ "I used to eat potatoes often." ▶️ "감자라, 자주 먹었었지..."
▶️ "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." ▶️ "죄 없는 자만이 돌을 던져라..."
▶️ "It isn't holy water..." ▶️ "성수가 아닌 게 아쉽지만..."
▶️ "What did you commit?" /
▶️ "I'm just borrowing it.. that's not a sin." ▶️ "잠깐 빌리는 건 죄가 아닐 거야..."
▶️ "You reap what you sow." ▶️ "내가 너의 것을 거두리라..."
▶️ "Where are the sinners hiding?" ▶️ "죄인들은 다 어디로 갔지?"
/ ▶️ "죄악이 남긴 발자국을 찾겠어..."


English Korean
▶️ "Impure!" ▶️ "부정하노라"
▶️ "Sins will take hold!" ▶️ "죄악이 발목을 잡을 것이다"
▶️ "Go away!" ▶️ "사라져라"


English Korean
▶️ "You can't run!" ▶️ "벗어나지 못하리라"
▶️ "There's no escape!" ▶️ "도망갈 수 없어!"
▶️ "Don't move!" ▶️ "거기 서!"


English Korean
▶️ "Have mercy." ▶️ "불쌍히 여기소서"
▶️ "Save this misguided soul." ▶️ "어린 양을 구원하소서 "
▶️ "This is my hardship." ▶️ "나에게 주어진 시련..."


English Korean
▶️ "Judgement has arrived!" ▶️ "심판의 시간이다!"
▶️ "Face my judgment!" ▶️ "심판을 받으라"
▶️ "Your sins consume you!" ▶️ "단죄의 낙인이여!"

Learning Weapon Skill

English Korean
▶️ "I will punish you for your crimes." ▶️ "앞으로 나아가 단죄하겠습니다."
▶️ "The Lord's enemies shall be dispatched." ▶️ "그 분의 적을 향해 나아가겠습니다."
▶️ "Let me disappear." ▶️ "잠시 사라져버리겠어."
▶️ "I will judge from the shadows." ▶️ "보이지 않는 심판자가 되겠습니다."

English Korean
▶️ "I confess, I fell asleep once during church. Only once, swear to God!" ▶️ "예전에 성당에서 졸다가 혼난 적이 있어..."
▶️ "I'm not really good at singing... listen. Wait, where are you going?!" ▶️ "사실 성가는 잘 못 불러... 음치는 아닌데 왜 그럴까...?"
▶️ "Did anyone happen to see a voodoo doll around here..? Little dude, big head?" ▶️ "혹시, 내 인형들 못 봤어...? 아직 저주가 안 끝났는데..."

English Korean
▶️ "Run. I'll follow you to the ends of the earth." ▶️ "그래, 도망쳐봐... 지구 끝까지 쫓아갈테니..."
▶️ "I'm scared of eternal damnation so let's try it together." ▶️ "나도 지옥이 무서워... 그러니까 같이 가자."
▶️ "Anywhere you go, I'll be there." ▶️ "난 어디든 따라갈 거야..."
▶️ "That's sacrilege." ▶️ "어리석기 그지없구나..."


English Korean
▶️ "Ah I won... is He watching over me...?" ▶️ "아아, 제가 승리했습니다... 보고 계십니까...?"
▶️ "Ah I passed judgement on his behalf." ▶️ "아아, 그분을 대신하여 심판하였습니다."

Highly Placed

English Korean
▶️ "Almighty, have you abandoned me...?" ▶️ "신이시여, 끝내 저를 눈 앞에서 버리십니까...?"
▶️ "Just a little more!" /


English Korean
▶️ "No!! I won't be sent to hell like this!" ▶️ "안돼, 이대로 지옥에 떨어질 순 없어..."
▶️ "I was not even given a chance to judge..." ▶️ "나에겐 심판할 기회조차 주어지지 않는구나..."


English Korean
▶️ "How dare they judge in secret!" ▶️ "어떤 비겁한 자가 감히...멋대로 심판하는가!"


English Korean
▶️ Attack sound 1 /


English Korean
▶️ Dying sound 1 ▶️ Dying sound 1
/ ▶️ Dying sound 2


English Korean
▶️ Laugh 1 ▶️ Laugh 1